Digital Services

Digital Services

Harness the power of digital technology with our expert service offerings. Our digital service offerings combine strategy, creativity, and technology to deliver measurable results for your business.

At Dikshatek, we specialize in facilitating digital transformation for enterprises. Our skilled professionals devise and execute cutting-edge solutions that establish software ecosystems, streamlining the operations of organizations. By reducing human effort, minimizing resource consumption, and expediting workflows, we enhance the efficiency of enterprise processes.
During the initial stage, we collaborate with you to develop a comprehensive roadmap for implementing digital enterprise solutions. Our team conducts a thorough assessment of your current processes to identify the best business segments and use cases for integrating new technologies.
To ensure that your digital transformation aligns with your computing power, human resources, and budget expectations, we conduct a detailed analysis. Our team carefully evaluates these factors and selects the most suitable technologies for your enterprise. We also develop a long-term plan for providing ongoing tech stack support and upgrading as needed.
Once the appropriate technologies have been selected, our team begins developing your custom enterprise solution. We integrate the solution into your existing infrastructure and equip it with analytics capabilities to monitor its performance, security, and usage

Our data management services

Dikshatek’s services are directed at creating an efficient data management framework and turning your data into an asset by making it unified, clean, secure and analytics-friendly.

Our data management company can offer you both full-cycle and standalone services based on your needs and business processes. We have a team of data engineers, scientists, analysts and developers who have a field-proven expertise in the most advanced data management areas.  

Data preparationData architecture and modelling
Data warehousingData integration
Data migrationData governance
Data visualizationData security and compliance

Our full range of services should you require specific data-centric solutions.

data science

We are ready to offer you a full-cycle data science consulting, from developing a strategy to algorithms implementation and ongoing improvement.

big data services

We implement advanced big data solutions from strategy consulting and storage setups to modeling and visualization.

business intelligence

We can implement standalone BI tools or build BI ecosystems to optimize your operations, streamline compliance, and identify your growth points.

Robotic process automation services

Dikshatek’s RPA professionals have worked out a comprehensive set of services helping companies introduce time- and cost-saving bots into their workflows with minimal disruption.

Analysis & planning

Our team conducts a thorough assessment of your operational workflows to determine the most appropriate approach for deploying Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Based on this assessment, we create a tailored roadmap for RPA implementation that is specific to your use case. The roadmap includes identifying milestones, outlining frameworks, and determining the deployment methodology

Infrastructure setup

Dikshatek’s engineering team sets up an adequate RPA infrastructure that ensures the stability, interoperability and scalability of the RPA solution.

Bot implementation

As an RPA development company, we take pride in shaping RPA modules into fully functional systems and integrating robots into existing business workflows. Our team conducts thorough testing to ensure that RPA tools are free of bugs and perform as intended. We also provide end-user training to ensure a smooth onboarding process for your team.

RPA maintenance

Our team of RPA specialists provides comprehensive post-deployment support for your applications. This includes analyzing and fine-tuning RPA tools based on your current business objectives. As your business continues to grow and evolve, we also offer ongoing support for further RPA integration. This ensures that your bots maintain maximum operational efficiency in the long term, helping your business to stay competitive and agile.

Our RPA solution development expertise

At Diksahtek, we specialize in developing and implementing automation systems that enhance the reliability of routine business operations while reducing costs. Our RPA solutions enable organizations to become more agile and free up their workforce’s time for more intellectually stimulating and creative tasks. This leads to a more efficient use of resources and a higher level of productivity

Data extraction and manipulation In the scope of our services, we apply various advanced technologies such as OCR, computer vision, document understanding, and custom ML solutions, which take care of data extraction, processing, transferring, and analysis, including automated report generation and calculations.

Customer and user support – Our RPA solutions automate customer request processing, incident management, billing queries, and user administration tasks, including those associated with maintaining digital workplace systems.

Infrastructure monitoring – We develop solutions that automate infrastructure health checks and provide audit trails. Our bots can manage patching and backups, proactively address performance deviations, and alert operators.

Billing, accounting & claim – We build custom RPA solutions that help companies automate invoice validation and reconciliation, payments and claim processing, while optimizing cash conversion and  streamlining reporting.

Cloud Computing Consulting and Implementation Services

Cloud consulting is a go-to service for organizations looking to establish a robust cloud infrastructure or improve their existing cloud environments. Dikshatek’s passionate team of seasoned cloud consultants is ready to help you with.

Cloud Adoption & Migration – Our vetted cloud solutions consultants dive in your tech infrastructure and study your needs to help you adopt the best-fit cloud migration strategy. We re-platform and modernize your apps and put APIs in place to integrate the newly migrated applications with enterprise software at minimal risks

Cloud Optimization – We analyze your cloud infrastructure, detect under- and over-provisioned instances and idle resources, and identify security gaps to remove performance bottlenecks, achieve 99.9% uptime, and lower your cloud computing costs

Cloud Infrastructure Management – We configure, monitor, and optimize the components of your cloud infrastructure, setting up DevOps, DevSecOps, and Infrastructure as Code practices to ensure optimal usage of cloud resources and high software performance with no downtime

Cloud Application Development – We are well-versed in working with AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and other cloud platforms and are ready to use our knowledge to implement a resilient and high-performing cloud app of any kind — from a mobile app back end to a complex AI-powered system.


Why choose Dikshatek for digital services?

Over the many years, Dikshatek has been building and delivering hundreds of apps for business. Here are the top benefits that we are chosen by leading brands, companies and enterprises to launch their products.

Why choose Dikshatek for digital services?

Over the many years, Dikshatek has been building and delivering hundreds of apps for business. Here are the top benefits that we are chosen by leading brands, companies and enterprises to launch their products.

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