An ongoing relationship.
Leaving Dikshatek is not the end of one’s journey, but the beginning of a lifelong relationship.

Our alumni can be found in the upper echelons of business, technology and as entrepreneurs in a variety of industries. Dikshatek Alumni will quickly tell you that their experience at Dikshatek served them well in their professional life by providing a solid foundation of work on which to build.

When our employees leave Dikshatek they join our vast Alumni Network around the world. Alumni take deep expertise onto exciting global opportunities, and many stay connected to the Dikshatek network throughout their career. We encourage alumni to stay connected by following us on various Social media Feeds.

Hear from our Alumni

Learn about the experiences and successes of our alumni and how Dikshatek has helped them grow and achieve their goals.

Reconnect @ Dikshatek

We understand that employees leave companies due to various factors sometimes quite circumstantial in nature. We encourage our Alumni to rejoin Dikshatek for any opportunity. You are always welcome back!